Friday, November 14, 2008


At some point this afternoon, while Natalia was not paying much attention to me, I was able to wrangle her hair into pigtails. This was quite an accomplishment, seeing as she likes having her hair done just about as much as she likes shoes. They were very haphazard pigtails, with curls falling out all over the place.

Keeping the pigtails in did require a conversation and some bribery. As soon as she felt them in her hair she started pulling at them.

Natalia: Out.

Me: No Pumpkin, let's keep them in.

Natalia: OUT.

Me: Come on baby girl, let's go look in the mirror. You are so 'ooh la la'.

Natalia: OUT!

Me: Look Bug . . . ooh la la

Natalia: OUT!!!

Me: Let's go outside and see Odin

Natalia: Oohhhh-tay

She finally stopped pulling at them, but she did put her hands to her face and say "oh dear" a number of times.

And then the poor baby had to give herself a hug to get over the whole experience.

The things we do for beauty


Suzanne said...

oh the things our mommies make us do.... i remember pigtails and i don't think i liked them very much either.... love the blog!!

Aunt Sarah said...

LOVE the pigtails!! And I know exactly who she got the "Oh dear" from....Nana says that ALL the time!!!!