Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Look We Will See Again

Pretty sure this will become her look of choice in 11 years or so.

"Seriously Mom, you want me to do WHAT!?! You are such an embarrassment."

Another day and another walk with Opa and Odin. We went a little later, there weren't any cows, and I made the poor baby mix stripes and polka-dots. Beautiful sunset though.


Aunt Sarah said...

That look is such a teenager! She's practicing already!!

Aunt Izzy said...

Can I please just say that I am OBSESSED with NJ's blog, I check it more than I check my own e-mail! Maybe if she wasn't so freakin cute in her innocent expresssions.

Kristen, look out... you are going to have your hands full if she already has the eye-roll down ;)