Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ooh La La

Natalia has a thing against shoes.

She hates them.

Socks too.

I have been at a total loss about how to keep her warm and comfy. I have tried every kind of slipper, shoe, and sock combo but there is no reasoning with the child. These days putting on shoes generally involves sweating, tears (usually mine), and wrestling moves pilfered from the Rock and Hulk Hogan.

Then Nana busted out some new slippers.

Natalia LOVES them.

She wears them everywhere.

The putting on of the slippers is often accompanied by a trip to the bedroom for time in front of the mirror. She'll look at herself, pose, kiss the mirror, and says, with great emotion:

"Ooh La La"

I don't dress Natalia like a princess. I don't buy her shoes with princesses or flashing lights or feathers.

But Nana sure does. And boy, does Natalia love it.


Aunt Izzy said...


Couldn't love her little feet in those pink slippers any more than I do!

Shannon said...

So cute!!!

Ama said...

Wanting to be a princess and spending time gazing into the mirror... in our family? I can't imagine! Where could she have gotten that from?

Countess said...

Fortunately, Ama fessed up so I didn't have to tell on the aunt. Ah, genetics!