Sunday, November 16, 2008

All I Want For Christmas

Dear Santa,

Mama has started telling me about you. She says you are this big, old guy who always wears red and has a white beard. Did you know that my Opa has a white beard. Are you related?

Mama says that you say "ho, ho, ho" and that your belly shakes. She also says that you will bring me presents in the middle of the night if I'm good.

But I'm really confused. Mama says you're one person, but every time she points you out and asks me, "What does Santa say?" you look different. Sometimes you have a big head and no body. Sometimes you have a fat body and skinny legs. Sometimes you are shaped like a triangle. Sometimes you are jolly and roly.

I don't think you're a person. I think that you're an animal. Like a pig. (Man do I love making the snorting noise when asked what a pig says.) Every pig is pink, and they all have these curly tails, and they all snort or say oink. But they all look different. And Momma usually asks me what Santa says after she asks me what a pig says so it must be true. Santa is an animal.

Anyway, Mama said that I could write a letter asking for whatever I wanted and if I was good Santa would give it to me. So here it is:

1. A BIG box

Thank you, Natalia

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Countess said...

That's my girl! Ask Uncle Carson how much Aunt Shirley likes big boxes. Can't wait for Christmas. Love you,