Monday, November 10, 2008


Natalia, Opa, and I went to Briones yesterday to walk Odin. As soon as we got there Odin took off running (as he does every day). Natalia immediately began calling him.

"Oo-dee. OO-DEE. OOOOO-DEEEEE!!!!!!"

During the fall and winter they let cows graze on the grass in the park so yesterday there were about 20 momma cows with their babies wandering around.

She loved following those cows!!! Until one snorted at her.

And then the bull (and this was a BIG bull) started growling at us and walking towards us. I was in black, the stroller is black and I wasn't too sure that the bull knew we were humans and not new cows. We started walking away.

He followed, growling louder.

We walked faster.

So did he.

I started to wonder how one goes about protecting themselves from an amorous bull while holding a toddler. I debated taking off my jacket, but realized I was wearing a red shirt and unless I wanted to be a matador, flashing a red shirt would not be a good choice. I began debating how I could go about climbing a tree while holding Natalia.

We started to jog.

So did he.

Okay - panic time!!!!

Just as we round the bend, Odin comes bounding up to us, all slobbery and gross. I have never been so happy to see his dirty, cow poop covered face before. And with that, the bull turned around and sauntered back to the rest of his herd.


Aunt Izzy said...

oh my my
i laughed so much while reading this!

thanks so much for sharing with us mama!

Aunt Sarah said...

The scary cows are back?!? Sooooo glad I wasn't there!!! ;-) Yay for Odin!!!!