Monday, November 24, 2008

The Best $2.50 I Ever Spent

This little plastic potty is the best thing ever.

(If you aren't grossed out by poop stories, read on. If grossed out, just enjoy the photo and know that tomorrow you will get a picture of the baby girl).

Geovanny and I got it two days ago. I figured that now would be a great time to start potty training since we are staying in an apartment with tile floors and no rugs. Natalia has been going "potty in the potty" every morning and after every nap for some time now, but I have not been consistent with any other type of training. Seeing as it is HOT down here, naked time is all the time. Perfect time for potty training because you don't have to take anything off. Just sit down and go.

(no she is not going in the chair, just enjoying naked time)

So we were having naked time for the 5th time that day. I was washing the dishes and Natalia brought the yet unused potty into the kitchen. I didn't pay much attention because so far she had only used the potty as a hat and a chair.

But this time she sat down with purpose.

She got a look of concentration on her face.

And she kept sitting.

Her eyes started watering a bit and her cheaks got red.

After a while she got up and we both looked in the potty. THERE WAS POOP!!!

Oh my gosh, there was poop. I was so happy (in part because she hadn't pooped in two days and who feels good after going days without pooping.)
I kissed her all over her face.
We jumped up and down.
Then we went and dumped it in the toilet and said "bye bye".
Cleaned out the little blue potty and went back into the kitchen.

I resumed my cleaning. Natalia sat back down on the potty. I think she was so excited about my response that she wanted to do it again. So she got to trying to poop again. This time the sitting was accompanied by grunting. She'd sit for a while, grunt, push, get up look to see if there was anything, get a disappointed and determined look on her face, turn around and start the whole process over again.





It was hilarious!!! Lasted a good 5 minutes. No, she's not stubborn. Not at all.

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Aunt Sarah said...

Yay NJ!!! Way to poop! Your Uncle Hap would be soooooo proud (and so would our old friend Harvey!) =)