Friday, September 23, 2011

Baby Sister Please

Natalia has been asking for a baby since she was 2 years old.  This desire for a younger sibling has only intensified over the years.  This week she asked me every morning whether or not we were going to get a baby sister.   (I am so not pregnant!)

"Mommy...can we get a baby sister today?"

I kept explaining to her that baby sisters took a while to come by.  In our case, it would take years.  Finally four days into this now familiar conversation she cut me off.

"No Mommy!" she said with an exasperated sigh.  "I don't want a baby from your tummy.  That takes too long.  Let's go to Target and buy a real baby."

I explained to her that while Target has a dizzying display of baby dolls, they are not in the business of selling real live babies.

"Well then we will just go from store to store until we find one."

The only thing that distracted her from this quest was the promise of a trip to the pet store for a purple beta fish.  We'll see how long that holds her.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Friday

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another Awesome Mother

I am still working on getting the photos from Halloween off of my card and onto my computer.  Natalia had a WONDERFUL time being a firefly (complete with a tutu and glow sticks on her bottom) and got to do big kid trick-or-treating with Hayden and Lexi.  It was really fun. 

In the meantime, I just wanted to share a link about a strong mother who allowed her son to be what he wanted to be on Halloween (the only day in the year when you should be able to dress up as you choose).  My favorite line from the post:

"I am not worried that your son will grow up to be an actual ninja so back off."

That is one good momma bear right there. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Game 2

Before tonight "cars" and "golf" were Natalia's two favorite things to watch on tv.  This could be because Opa is the one most likely to let her watch tv and his tv choices tend to veer towards the stock market and Nascar.  Because Natalia is a smart girl, and has generally already picked her stocks for the day, she tends to prefer to watch racing.  They can often be found cuddled in bed with Nascar blaring on the tv.  The golf channel happens to be right next to the racing channel, so they switch to golf during commercials.  Thus, her frequent requests for cars and golf. 

But tonight was all about the Giants.  We ordered pizza and watched Game 2 of the World Series.  Natalia, Tia, Nana and I were all gathered around the tv in Ama's room.  Opa and Odin were downstairs. Much of the game was spent discussing our day and outlining the requirements that Natalia must achieve before getting pregnant because, really, until the 7th inning, it wasn't too interesting of a game.  (Natalia has been obsessed with putting her babies under her shirt and pretending to be pregnant.  She even told me yesterday that we should get a real baby.  When I told her that they require a lot of attention and they only poop and cry she looked at me and said, "But Mommy, I am really good with babies."  At three.  Seriously!?!?  But I digress.)

By then end of the game she was cheering louder than the rest of us, pointing at the tv, and screaming, "That's what I'm talken 'bout."

 Guess she is ready to be a mom.  She certainly has her Little League scream down.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What Year Is It?

I sometimes wonder if Natalia is a time traveler.  How else would you explain her 1950's phrases?  I certainly do not talk like my grandfather.  And she certainly isn't picking it up at school.  First of all, they only speak Spanish.  Secondly, I feel like school is where you learn phrases like "neaner neaner" and "I'm not inviting you to my birthday party."  At least that's what we were teaching each other when I was a 3 year old.   I know that times have changed, but I thought that kids were becoming more and more irreverent.  Not more polite.  
I mean, how else did she learn that when someone accidental pulls your hair, the most heart warming and endearing way to respond  is with a smile, a pat on the arm, and a "It's ok Nana.  No harm done."

And how did she know that after an hour of walking all over Walnut Creek in search of a lemon cupcake, the only thing that would make me smile more than finding that illusive cupcake (which we never did find) would be to look down at her, see her place her hand on the glass of the 4th consecutive closed bakery, sigh, and say, "Well...I'll be darned."

The only explanation, other than time travel, that I have for her behaviour is that she must be reading Emily Post in her spare time.  Golly gee, a three year old reading?!?!  I know, I must be crazy. 

Think I can get her to take me on her next trip?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Traveling Again

This time I am traveling alone.  Natalia is staying home with Nana and Opa while I fly to Florida for the wedding of a college friend.  It wasn't two weeks ago that we were MELTING at Disneyland and now I'm leaving home again.  More stories and photos will come once I return home, but we had a great time.  Natalia and I took a rest on Day 3 and stayed inside (she was throwing up because of the intense heat) but she got to meet many of the princesses, see Mickey, and ride Dumbo countless times.  She also loved the Matterhorn (even though she was scared of the "white gorilla with red eyes" aka the Abominable Snowman) and Thunder Mountain Railroad.  The girl definitely has a thing for speed!

Leaving her this morning was really hard.  She has been such a Momma's Girl since we came back from Disneyland, even pleading with me yesterday to stay home from school, breaking down in tears and crawling into my lap when I said no.  Thank goodness for Nana....she was able to turn the whole thing around and Natalia actually skipped into class. 

I vividly remember waking up from a nap when I was 3 1/2 years old and feeling abandoned.  My mom had gone to the hospital to give birth to my sister while I was sleeping.  I was told that she had kissed me goodbye, but I was inconsolable.  Nothing anyone said could convince me that she hadn't just left.  Natalia is the same age and has a MUCH better memory that I do, so I decided wake up her up before I left.  Poor thing I was leaving at 4:00am.  She was quite upset at first, gripping onto me with all her might (and who wouldn't be, being ripped from sleep to be told that your mom is leaving).

"Please Mommy, can I come with you???  I'll be good.  I'll be super super good and happy!!!!  Don't go!!!"

Talk about ripping my heart out. 

"Just hold me a little more Mommy.  I need a little comfort.  A little more love."

Where does she come up with these things?  I love how honest and open she is, and constantly impressed with the access she has to her emotions and the confidence she has in expressing them. 

By the time everything was loaded in the car Natalia was a bundle of energy and happiness.  She got me some of her favorite cheese.  "Which do you want Mommy, white Laughing Cow cheese or yellow lactose-free cheese?"  Such a sweet girl.  Hugs and kisses followed and then she crawled into Nana's lap and waved good-bye. 

I'm so excited to see my friends but I will miss that little girl.  She holds my heart.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

On our way

We are on our way to Disneyland for 5 days.  And yes, we are driving down.  I know.  But with 5 people, it just makes sense.  I just hope there is a lot of this:

And this:

And not too much of this:

Yes...she clearly loves the feel of gooey stuff on her face


She was taking a bath with her baby
 Natalia is obsessed with babies.  There is always a baby in her arms, a baby in her tummy, a baby sleeping, and often a baby pooping.  (Why do her babies poop so much?  I think she likes changing their diapers and cloths.  Clearly she has not encountered real baby poop.) 

Not only does she love to be the mommy of her own baby dolls, but she enjoys, from time to time, pretending to be a baby herself.  (She has, in fact, started asking me if she can go back in my tummy).  Sometimes this Baby Natalia is adorable and sweet.  More frequently though, Baby Natalia communicates with a whiny, high pitched cry that makes my skin crawl.  A couple weeks ago I was about ready to explode, so I took a deep breath and told her that when Baby Natalia cries it makes my heart hurt.  She looked very upset, so I quickly added that when she used her big girl voice it made my heart sing.  The idea of making Mommy's heart sing seems to have made quite an impression because now, when she does something that she thinks is good, she asks me if my heart is singing. 

After I ask her to do something:  "Look Mommy. I listened.  Did I make your heart sing?"

Upon waking up:  "Good morning Mommy.  I'm happy.  Does that make your heart sing?"

After a melt down:  "I calmed down Mommy.  Is your heart singing?"

Yesterday she asked if she could put her ear on my chest. She held it there for a moment, looked up at me with those big eyes of hers, and smiled.  "I heard your heart singing Mommy."

Yup baby girl, you did. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

She Asked Me To Take Her Picture

"Mommy take my picture and send it to Ama." 
That is how we started our morning yesterday.  

I know I should probably always work with Natalia on having good manners, but sometimes she is just too cute and has so much fun experiencing her food. 

How many more years will she be able to get away with this kind of eating.  And really, how different is this from a facial at a spa?  It's all natural and organic.  Look how supple her skin is.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

We Have Done So Much

Natalia climbing the Great Wall of China
I cannot believe how much we have done this year.  The first six months were a whirlwind of travel.  Missouri, Tahoe, Connecticut, Portland, and CHINA.  Yup...the baby girl and I went to China with Nana, Opa, Ama, Sissi and Tia.  It was amazing (though I definitely want to go back again when the Bug is a bit older).  The people were wonderful and were totally in awe of Natalia.  They were obsessed.  Crowds would gather.  People would take pictures.  Many times a hand would shoot out from the crowd to try and caress her face or feel her hair.  I kind of felt like a movie star (even though they were only interested in my daughter) and then I became very protective of her.  She did sooooo well.  I think I would have snapped after the first day, but Natalia didn't throw a fit until day 9. After than she would start to cry and run to me if someone began to get close.  But even so, it was amazing!!! 

Ama, Natalia and I on the Yangtze River Cruise

Natalia got really good at the squat potties and came to prefer them

Pensive at a Temple

Making friends

Practicing Tai Chi in a Tea Garden

Pensive at a Temple

The people on the street of Shanghai thought this was hilarious.  Natalia was sitting on this little stool thumbing through Mao's Little Red Book.  She really looked like she was reading it.  At least 10 people stopped and took pictures.