Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cranky Day

Natalia woke up cranky. Nothing makes her happy today. Not Paul Simon, not Laurie Berknern, not Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, not ohh la la shoes, not mama's boob.

I'm cranky too. Blogger won't let me upload photos, so I can't show you how cute she was yesterday hiding in one of the cabinets.

We are going to go for a walk. Leaving the house will do us both some good. Maybe when we get back everything will be better. Fresh air, sun, and humidity always does it for me. You?


Aunt Izzy said...

i hope you are both less cranky today

the potty story is hysterical - we read it aloud at Thanksgiving yesterday for my parents and LaLa. lots of laughs!

miss you both and can't wait til Christmas!

Aunt Iz

Aunt Izzy said...

Alright... I know this is a baby blog, but I have to say...

I think I know why NJ was cranky.

I have never heard of this "Laurie Berkner" character, and having an interest in NJ's fav's, I looked it up.

FOR THE LOVE OF PETE! I made it 37 seconds through the youtube video of "I'm Going To Catch You". How terrifying is that? Not only did I want the crazy lady to shut up, but she was saying she was going to get me! NOOOOOOO... make it stop!!!

I'm pretty sure this is why the baby was having cranky day. Don't show her the crazy lady anymore. She's scary.