Friday, December 12, 2008

Lights, Lights, Lights

It doesn't matter where you are, how hot it is, how long the days are. If you are in a Christian/Catholic country in December, it's CHRISTMAS TIME.

People are TOTALLY into Christmas here in Ecuador. There are lights up everywhere. It doesn't matter how primitive the house it, you will find Christmas lights. Here in the city there seems to be an inverse ration between socio-economic status and the number of lights you have. Some of the biggest light displays are in the poorest barrios of Guayaquil. But there aren't just lights in the cities. When I said everywhere I meant absolutely everywhere. Out in the country where the houses are up on stilts and build out of sugar cane, where they don't have indoor plumbing or even running water, you will find Christmas lights. I don't know how they power them, but those houses are lit up.

Every house, building, and shack also seems to have Christmas tree - fake of course because pines don't grown around Guayaquil and I cannot imagine the kind of bugs that a real one would bring. Every fake tree plays electric Christmas muzak. You know the kind of music I'm talking about, it's that high-pitched "music" that is in musical Christmas cards or in those buttons elementary school teachers wear. But unlike those buttons, it doesn't turn off. The music is without end. Seriously, they have the things on repeat. You would think the country would run out of batteries.

Nativity Scenes are also very BIG. They are for sale on every corner. Vendors pushing carts roam around the streets selling them. People are at intersections selling them. They are also on display. Everywhere. And they are also always accompanied by the electronic music.

This one was at a restaurant where Geovanny and I each had 1/4 of a chicken, fries, rice, salad, and soda for $2.50. And that was expensive. Lunch, which usually consists of a big bowl of soup, a plate of rice and some meat, and a drink is usually $1.50. But the 1/4 chicken is a bit of a splurge.

Oh, and I don't know if you can see, but there are three baby Jesus in this display. I mean really, why have one when you can have three?

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Great narrative and pictures! See ya soon!