Friday, December 5, 2008

I Like to Eat, Eat, Eat, Apples and Bananas

A fruit stand at the side of the road.
Notice the orange pumpkins in the back.
Too bad I didn't find them earlier. But no worries though, the pies turnd out great.

It is always so interesting to me to look at the fruit that other countries have. At home in the US we have 5 bazillion different kinds of apples, peaches, nectarines, and pears. Here in Ecuador there are two kinds of apples. Red and green. But ask someone for a mango and they will ask you what kind. Do you want the little ones, the size of eggs? The kind that you bite off the top and suck out the juice? Or do you want a big one? A green one? A red one? I have seen literally 7 distinct and different kinds of mangos. I'm sure there are more.

Bananas are the same way. We have one kind of banana at home. Funnily enough, they don't sell that banana here in Ecuador. It is grown only for export. Geovanny tasted our kind of banana for the first time when I packed one as a snace and forgot to eat it on the flight down. The banana made it round-trip to Ecuador before being eaten. When Geovanny tried it he got a funny look on his face.
"That's not a banana!"
But I digress.
The point of the story is that there are a million different kinds of bananas down here. Bananas and mangoes down here are like apples and peaches in the US. There is tons of variety. My current favorite type of banana is gineo. It is a little bit longer than a crayon. The skin is very thin and the fruit is sweet and dense. It is the perfect banana for our baby girl.

I know, she has mosquito bites. I'm sorry Nana. I did the best I could when we were at the banana hacienda, but the mosquitoes wanted something to eat and she is just so sweet.

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