Friday, December 12, 2008

The Cure



I know those of you currently home from school because of a snow day have a hard time believing it, but I melt nearly every day. The only thing that seems to stop the melting is cold water. So I fill our shower with cold water. And we go to the rivers. We go to the beach (photos are coming). And we go to the pool.

Ever her mothern's daughter, Natalia can be the crankiest kid in town when she's hot. But put that child in water and watch her change. She is like those sponge toys we played with as children. When you open the package they are tiny little things the size of a pill. Once in water and they transform into a butterfly, a unicorn, a heart. That is Natalia. Put her in cool water and she unfurls. The heat gremlins leave her and she opens up, grins from ear to ear, laughs, and doesn’t want to leave.

Lovely little water baby. Cool water is the best.

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Nana said...

What great fun to read about, of course you guys, but also about the the culture and customs. The
New Year "dolls" are incredible.
Have you gotten pics of the lights?

Last night Friday the moon was at its fullest..Supposedly it's spectacular but we couldn't even see Mt Dialbe. How did it look down there?