Monday, December 15, 2008

A Change In The Wind

Isn't that what made Marry Pippins leave? Well it is now time for us to leave Ecuador.


We start tomorrow at 11:20 am East Coast time and get home at 10:40 pm West Coast time. Can't wait. There is always something that happens, some story that springs from our travel days.

It has been such a lovely trip. Banana plantations, rivers, beaches, pools, bubble baths, and lots and lots of mangos, papayas, and coconut. Natalia has completely fallen in love with her Papi. Our trips are always bitter-sweet. We miss our family in the States so much when we are down here, and we miss our family in Ecuador so much when we are in the States. Guess that's the problem with international families.

I know I promised photos of the beach. They are coming. Just once we get a more reliable and faster internet connection. Then you will get to see how a sand covered Natalia looks a lot like a sugar covered doughnut.

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