Friday, December 5, 2008

Day of Rivers - Part 2

We went swimming twice the day we drove to pick up Geovanny's mom. It was just so hot.

Natalia was cranky.

I was cranky.

Geovanny was cranky.

And this second river was soooooo nice.

It was shady. It was cool. What else can do you other than strip off your shorts and jump in. (Okay, so Natalia got totally naked, but she's allowed.)

The current was a bit strong and one of Natalia's cousins almost floated away.

Even so, swimming in this river was ecstasy. The water was velvety cold. It was soul changing. Okay, so maybe that is a bit dramatic, but I thought I was going to melt, and this river saved me.

I will always love that river . . . even if I did break a toe while saving the terremoto from certain drowning.

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