Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oh Santa, How I Love You

Natalia may have missed sitting on Santa's lap in Ecuador, but there was NO WAY I was going to miss our second shot at Santa. That being said, I'm not one to rush things, so we didn't actually make our way to Santa's lap until the 22nd.

We clearly weren't the only ones who had put off seeing Santa. The line wrapped all around the middle of Independence Center. By the time we had finished, I think it had doubled. Those poor people must have had to wait for 2 hours. Too bad they didn't have Aunt Sarah, Opa and Ama with them.

If they had they could have ridden the escalators 85 times.
They could have picked out earrings at Claire's.
They could have eaten ice cream.
They could have made faces with Aunt Sarah.

Instead they just had to wait in line, letting the excitement build until they finally got to sit on Santa's lap.

When Natalia's turn came, she was such a happy girl. The whole experience was such a peaceful, excited, wonderful one. She couldn't wait to sit on Santa's lap. Didn't want to leave.

She is SCREAMING, "Mama mama mama."

Even her ice cream cone couldn't detract from her adoration of Santa.

She really had such a lovely time. At least that's what I'm going to tell her.

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