Thursday, January 8, 2009

And So A Love Of Horses Begins

After our enjoyable time with Santa, Opa decided that Natalia should experience her first carousel ride.

It was really very cute.

He hopped right on the horse, pulled her up with him and away they went. (He never even asked me if I wanted to ride too. Just payed for the two of them and when through the gate. Boo hoo. Guess that's what happens when you shift from daughter to mother of the granddaughter.)

They had a marvelous time. At then end of the first ride, Natalia started pleading for another ride.
"Mas, Mas . . . Po ta bo" (Po ta bo is her por favor)

So around they went again.

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Shannon and Cameron said...

You are back safe and sound!! I can't believe how long Natalia's hair is... that is nuts. It's beautiful!! We need to get together... I need all your traveling details!