Thursday, January 15, 2009

Milk Does A Body Good

I have been remiss in not writing. I'm sorry if you feel I abandoned you. I have thought of all of you often, logging on, excited to see if I finally updated. I have been completely bogged down by the process of weaning.

(If you are not interested in hearing about this weaning process I speak of, I suggest you click over to some other blog and come back on Monday, when I'll be back from a weekend in Vegas and full of stories about my first two nights away from my precious little pumpkin.)

Natalia has been fortunate to have had complete and unfettered access to the boob at all times of her little life. Feeding on demand has been the name of the game for this little girl. It worked well for me to until she started using me more as a pacifier and less as a source of food. So I decided that, come the first of the year, I was going to cut back on the feedings.

Being one who does tends to always do things out of order (have Natalia and THEN try and get Geovanny here - seriously, who in their right mind would do it in that order?) I decided to cut out the night feedings. It had gotten to the point that I wasn't really sleeping any more. I mean really, how easy is it to toss and turn in bed when you have a 25 pounder attached to you. I'm all for not waking a sleeping baby, but when it consistently gets in the way of Mommy sleeping, something has to change.

And change it did.

Neither Natalia nor I would be considered stubborn. No, not at all. Never. So I'm sure it comes as a big surprise that cutting out the feedings quickly became a battle of the wills. Who would cave first?

Would Natalia tire of screaming her lungs out, pulling at my shirt, and begging for "boob boob"? Would she decide to peacefully go back to sleep?

Or would I give in to her pitiful wailing, her ear drum splitting shrieks, and her trying to nurse through my t-shirt?

Turns out neither of us gave up.

After two weeks we have settled, begrudgingly into some kind of routine. She wakes up, begs for "boob boob". I offer her agua, milk, or a massage. She says, "NOOOOOOOO!!!!! BOOB BOOB!!!!" I offer her agua, milk, or a massage. She again kindly responds with, "NOOOOO. BOOB BOOB!!!" We have this exchange for a few minutes until she decides on either agua or milk. Sometimes she throws in "Potty, Poo poo" and off we go to the bathroom.

Needless to say, I am more tired now that I was when she was a newborn. (Possibly less sleep and none of that adrenaline pulsing through me now.)

So I'm sorry for not posting. I promise to do better.

At least as soon as I get home from Vegas.

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