Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What Year Is It?

I sometimes wonder if Natalia is a time traveler.  How else would you explain her 1950's phrases?  I certainly do not talk like my grandfather.  And she certainly isn't picking it up at school.  First of all, they only speak Spanish.  Secondly, I feel like school is where you learn phrases like "neaner neaner" and "I'm not inviting you to my birthday party."  At least that's what we were teaching each other when I was a 3 year old.   I know that times have changed, but I thought that kids were becoming more and more irreverent.  Not more polite.  
I mean, how else did she learn that when someone accidental pulls your hair, the most heart warming and endearing way to respond  is with a smile, a pat on the arm, and a "It's ok Nana.  No harm done."

And how did she know that after an hour of walking all over Walnut Creek in search of a lemon cupcake, the only thing that would make me smile more than finding that illusive cupcake (which we never did find) would be to look down at her, see her place her hand on the glass of the 4th consecutive closed bakery, sigh, and say, "Well...I'll be darned."

The only explanation, other than time travel, that I have for her behaviour is that she must be reading Emily Post in her spare time.  Golly gee, a three year old reading?!?!  I know, I must be crazy. 

Think I can get her to take me on her next trip?

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