Thursday, October 28, 2010

Game 2

Before tonight "cars" and "golf" were Natalia's two favorite things to watch on tv.  This could be because Opa is the one most likely to let her watch tv and his tv choices tend to veer towards the stock market and Nascar.  Because Natalia is a smart girl, and has generally already picked her stocks for the day, she tends to prefer to watch racing.  They can often be found cuddled in bed with Nascar blaring on the tv.  The golf channel happens to be right next to the racing channel, so they switch to golf during commercials.  Thus, her frequent requests for cars and golf. 

But tonight was all about the Giants.  We ordered pizza and watched Game 2 of the World Series.  Natalia, Tia, Nana and I were all gathered around the tv in Ama's room.  Opa and Odin were downstairs. Much of the game was spent discussing our day and outlining the requirements that Natalia must achieve before getting pregnant because, really, until the 7th inning, it wasn't too interesting of a game.  (Natalia has been obsessed with putting her babies under her shirt and pretending to be pregnant.  She even told me yesterday that we should get a real baby.  When I told her that they require a lot of attention and they only poop and cry she looked at me and said, "But Mommy, I am really good with babies."  At three.  Seriously!?!?  But I digress.)

By then end of the game she was cheering louder than the rest of us, pointing at the tv, and screaming, "That's what I'm talken 'bout."

 Guess she is ready to be a mom.  She certainly has her Little League scream down.

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