Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Traveling Again

This time I am traveling alone.  Natalia is staying home with Nana and Opa while I fly to Florida for the wedding of a college friend.  It wasn't two weeks ago that we were MELTING at Disneyland and now I'm leaving home again.  More stories and photos will come once I return home, but we had a great time.  Natalia and I took a rest on Day 3 and stayed inside (she was throwing up because of the intense heat) but she got to meet many of the princesses, see Mickey, and ride Dumbo countless times.  She also loved the Matterhorn (even though she was scared of the "white gorilla with red eyes" aka the Abominable Snowman) and Thunder Mountain Railroad.  The girl definitely has a thing for speed!

Leaving her this morning was really hard.  She has been such a Momma's Girl since we came back from Disneyland, even pleading with me yesterday to stay home from school, breaking down in tears and crawling into my lap when I said no.  Thank goodness for Nana....she was able to turn the whole thing around and Natalia actually skipped into class. 

I vividly remember waking up from a nap when I was 3 1/2 years old and feeling abandoned.  My mom had gone to the hospital to give birth to my sister while I was sleeping.  I was told that she had kissed me goodbye, but I was inconsolable.  Nothing anyone said could convince me that she hadn't just left.  Natalia is the same age and has a MUCH better memory that I do, so I decided wake up her up before I left.  Poor thing I was leaving at 4:00am.  She was quite upset at first, gripping onto me with all her might (and who wouldn't be, being ripped from sleep to be told that your mom is leaving).

"Please Mommy, can I come with you???  I'll be good.  I'll be super super good and happy!!!!  Don't go!!!"

Talk about ripping my heart out. 

"Just hold me a little more Mommy.  I need a little comfort.  A little more love."

Where does she come up with these things?  I love how honest and open she is, and constantly impressed with the access she has to her emotions and the confidence she has in expressing them. 

By the time everything was loaded in the car Natalia was a bundle of energy and happiness.  She got me some of her favorite cheese.  "Which do you want Mommy, white Laughing Cow cheese or yellow lactose-free cheese?"  Such a sweet girl.  Hugs and kisses followed and then she crawled into Nana's lap and waved good-bye. 

I'm so excited to see my friends but I will miss that little girl.  She holds my heart.

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