Monday, February 16, 2009

Mas Yo-yo Por Favor

Natalia has missed her Opa. He was away all weekend at a seminar in Vegas and didn't appear until this morning. She immediately perched herself on his knee (yoga style no less).

She didn't budge from her perch until he got out a yo-yo and started showing her how to use it.

They then spent much of the morning winding up the yo-yo and doing tricks. Every time Opa thought he was finished Natalia would say,

"Mas . . . Mas."

"Po ta bo" (we were having a Spanish morning)

He would look at her for about two seconds, consider the other things he should be doing (like putting on his shoes), and then say,

"Okay. One more time."

She probably got 15 "one more times" before they wandered off. That little girl has Opa wrapped around her pinkie so tight I think her finger might be losing circulation.

1 comment:

Katie Emler said...

man she is getting big! so cute.