Monday, March 23, 2009

It Has Been Too Long

I've been getting complaints about my lack of blogging. I apologize. Life got totally crazy, and with no sign of it slowing down I decided that I needed to take the plunge. Somehow find a way to work posting back into my life. And so, with cold medicine surging through my veins, wind whipping around the house, and a warm bed calling me, I sit here at the computer trying to think of where to begin. So much has happened since the last post.

The real estate investment firm I started began buying up, rehabbing, and renting out houses.

We went to Disneyland with Danielle and Ava (and Courtney, Danielle's husband, and Dara, Danielle's sister). Natalia fell in love with the Dumbo ride and the carousel. I get dizzy thinking about it. (Photos will be posted, never fear.

Natalia started really talking. They are full sentences, four to five words at a time. She no longer repeats the response I whisper in her ear. Instead she initiates conversations, repeats phrases at the correct time. One of her newest and most favorite sentences is:

"Do it by self"

Everything is "Do it by SELF!"

Another favorite is:

"Want some Mama?"

and if I don't respond quickly enough


When I finally say, "Yes, please" she replies, "Okay. . . Just one" and holds up one pudgy little finger.

We ate about 24 Teddy Grams this way - one at at time. "Want some? Hmmmm? Okay, just one." It is just too cute.

She has also started sleeping with books. Yup - my child is not even two and she is already hiding books under her covers. Every night she gets to take one thing with her to bed. And every night for the past week she has chosen "Abby Book". Abby Book is a Sesame Street counting book with Abby the fairy monster on the front. It was given to her by one of her aunts and she is OBSESSED with it. Can't sleep without it. I personally can't see how she does it. It is hard cardboard and big. But she clutches it in one hand, holds my hand with her other hand, says her prayers, and falls asleep. Without Abby all is lost.

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