Thursday, March 26, 2009

Horses, Horses, Horses

The carousel was a HUGE hit when we were at Disneyland. I truly can't count the number of times we rode on that thing. Natalia loved it.

Really, she did. She may not look it, but the child threw a FIT the first time we had to get off.
She soon learned that we only had to walk around to the front before getting back on
(which we did something like 18 times)

Ava loved it.

At first Natalia liked it because of the horses. Then she liked it because of the wind blowing in her face. Finally she became entranced by the mechanism that makes the horse go up and down.

She spent one entire ride looking up and chanting "Up . . . Down . . . Up . . . Down . . ."

Opa was so proud. "That's my little engineer."

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aunt sissi said...

i love the picture of her looking up - sooooo cute!!