Thursday, September 16, 2010

We Have Done So Much

Natalia climbing the Great Wall of China
I cannot believe how much we have done this year.  The first six months were a whirlwind of travel.  Missouri, Tahoe, Connecticut, Portland, and CHINA.  Yup...the baby girl and I went to China with Nana, Opa, Ama, Sissi and Tia.  It was amazing (though I definitely want to go back again when the Bug is a bit older).  The people were wonderful and were totally in awe of Natalia.  They were obsessed.  Crowds would gather.  People would take pictures.  Many times a hand would shoot out from the crowd to try and caress her face or feel her hair.  I kind of felt like a movie star (even though they were only interested in my daughter) and then I became very protective of her.  She did sooooo well.  I think I would have snapped after the first day, but Natalia didn't throw a fit until day 9. After than she would start to cry and run to me if someone began to get close.  But even so, it was amazing!!! 

Ama, Natalia and I on the Yangtze River Cruise

Natalia got really good at the squat potties and came to prefer them

Pensive at a Temple

Making friends

Practicing Tai Chi in a Tea Garden

Pensive at a Temple

The people on the street of Shanghai thought this was hilarious.  Natalia was sitting on this little stool thumbing through Mao's Little Red Book.  She really looked like she was reading it.  At least 10 people stopped and took pictures.

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Nana said...

She may not remember China, but China WILL remember her.
What a trooper!