Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Little Pulpo

Halloween 2008
Last year Natalia was an octopus for Halloween. This year, she said that she wanted to be a princess. But the day of her school's Halloween party, she found the costume from last year and would not take it off. So she was, once again, an octopus (or pulpo when she was at school).

(Notice anything besides the costume that is similar? Yup - the child is obsessed with lollipops - not that she gets them very often. She wouldn't even take this one out for the photo.)

The school party was a lot of fun. They had all kinds of stations and activities. Face painting, photo booth, popcorn, cookie decorating, and a pinata. Natalia espically liked the cooking decorating and the pinata.

She is such a careful decorator

And such a delicate and proper eater.

No way she is my kid...I don't know anyone who would attack a cookie like that.


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Eileen said...

I'm happy to see Natalia loves that costume as much as I do. But look how much taller she got in a year!