Thursday, April 9, 2009


Our days have been filled with picking roses and looking at houses. Natalia is SUCH a trooper.

What is the saying? You can either be upset that roses have thorns or grateful that thorns have roses. Natalia is grateful that houses have roses and that roses have petals to pull off and scatter as she walks. On this particular day she was also grateful that one house had an "alter to the big screen."
It was not what I consider good use of nice marble tile, but it provided hours of entertainment for Natalia while the rest of us walked through the house. Nooks, and crannies and things to climb up and down on.

Like I said. Such a trooper.

And no, we did not put an offer in on this house.

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aunt sissi said...

love the picture of her looking at the rose - my niece is such a cutie!!